Find your paradise

Oahu is the premiere destination for island dwellers, either those looking for a primary residence or a second home ...

Featured Properties

Everything we touch turns to sold! Here are some of KW Honolulu's exclusive listings that are marketed around the world through Keller Williams International's global real estate network.

Discover Oahu’s Regions

Whether you want to enjoy the night life of Waikiki, the ultimate hiking experience in Hawaii Kai, the relaxing beach town of Kailua, spinner dolphins off the Leeward coast or surfing on the North Shore, Oahu has the perfect neighborhood for your lifestyle!

We Know Real Estate

Since our inception in 2013, KW Honolulu has undergone exponential growth. We are growing daily and expect to be the #1 agency in Hawaii in agent count, sales volume, and units sold within the next few years.

Oahu’s Most Respected Agency

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Agents, build your own team using the proven KW system …

We know how to build real estate teams the right way!

We teach our agents how to take their real estate career to the next level by properly introducing leverage into their real estate business.

Gary Keller, one of the founders of our great company, interviewed hundreds of the most successful real estate agents in the country and wrote a book called "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" based upon the common systems and models he learned from that extensive research.

We teach these proven systems and models to our agents so that they can propel their real estate business to heights they never imagined possible.

The KW Honolulu Difference

We empower our agents to reach their full potential, streamline their real estate business, experience personal development, and build wealth. It's our hands on approach to education and training, incredible technology, unique culture, and profit sharing that make us different.

Moving? Know the value of your home …

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